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MillerCox Design: The premier provider of publication design services to nonprofits and policy organizations.

We help nonprofits to design extraordinary annual reports, policy reports, essay books, publication series, and newsletters

We believe that organizations working towards social good are catalysts for positive change in the world. Here at MillerCox, we offer publication design services to help mission-driven organizations  more effectively share their research, convey their impact, communicate with their donors, fill their programs, sell their products, and as a result, attract the resources they need to be this catalyst for positive change in our world. Read More

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Policy Institutes

Our think tank clients are engaged in the creation of high-quality innovative independent research, and are regularly in front of the media and presenting before congress. They have lots of research to share, and need fast, affordable and expert publication design services to match their already excellent reputation. Professional materials are not a “nice to have”. Quality materials support their brand and reputation. They need a design team that gets it right the first time.

Mission-Focused Nonprofits

Our nonprofits clients are very passionate about their cause; in fact, they know it’s their calling. They are successful fundraisers; and still, they need to continue to secure donor support and they want this to be easier. They’ve had success using their annual report and research papers for fundraising and attracting major sponsors. They come to us for all kinds of publication needs, such as proceedings reports, research papers, and program outreach materials.

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Publication Review

A great way to freshen up your materials is to invite us in for a publication review. We can support your in-house team to unify the look of your printed publications, as well as your online visual brand — so that you speak from a consistent visual voice. If you don’t have an in-house team, we can work with you to bring all of your materials into alignment. Our goal is to enhance your mission’s brand voice and lay a foundation for higher donations, more positive media attention, and increased organizational support.

InDesign Template Refresh

Our publication designers are available to refresh your publication templates. Prices range from $2k – $4k for projects like newsletters, catalogs, policy reports, or annual reports. If you have a desktop publisher on your team who could use a design consultation, we might be able to help. We can also work with you to freshen up the home page of your web site — ensuring that it not only looks professional, but it tells your story and engages more support.

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Great Annual Report Design

Posted by Heather Cox
Handsome, clean annual report design Introduction and The Ask From 2010 – 2015 MillerCox provided design and print layout services for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s (FRB) year-end annual report. The annual report reviews the Bank’s operations, highlights the Bank’s activities during the year, and presents financial statements. The report is read by leaders of both national and regional financial institutions and must convey permanency, authority, and thought leadership in the national and regional financial communities.
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MillerCox is not your ‘average’ graphic design firm. Far from it. We are a team of hardworking and highly-skilled publication design professionals. So when you work with our team on your publications, you’re gaining access to a wealth of design experience that is much more powerful than any one freelancer could offer. Heather and Neal each have over 20 years of publication design experience, as well as a deep understanding of how publications fit into a larger visual brand and communication strategy. Our experience includes an understanding of typography, grid structures,  data visualization, and incorporating photo and illustrative imagery. And while we love ink on paper, we have been known to design a few amazing websites for our nonprofit clients. Our website design division, the Mighty Little Web Shop, has designed over 100 websites for small businesses and nonprofits using WordPress. For website design inquiries, please call (301) 933-4062. Our knowledge is a result of classic training and education, formal and informal design training, and ever-growing technical expertise. Our goal is to help you communicate more effectively with the help of high-quality brand communication design, so you have the marketing tools that you need to move your mission forward.


From the inbox:
We were very pleased with the work that Heather Cox and her colleagues did for RESET. They have excellent insights into the non-profit community, and are experts in both the technical and creative aspects of marketing and communications. Importantly, they sought a thorough understanding of our organization, its mission and its values at the beginning of the project. They were responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, exchanging ideas and proposals with us at every step. RESET’s Board of Directors is very impressed with the results; as RESET’s Executive Director, that is an important outcome for me.
— John Meagher, RESET Executive Director